Special Pathogens Research Network Limited, Uganda
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Secretary General

 Barrister (Mrs) Queen EzeraAgwu is the Secretary General and legal adviser to SPPARENET. She is also an elegant vibrant young lawyer currently affiliated to Kampala International University where she is a Lecturer of Laws with special interest in company and business laws. Barrister (Mrs) Queen was called to Nigerian Bar after her post-graduate professional training at the prestigious Nigerian Law school Abuja. Her interest in women empowerment and advocacy for poverty eradication in resource poor settings drives her zeal to organize SPPARENETS Secretariat and as well as manage its legal unit. She brings to SPPARENET her esteemed professional skills acquired over a period of 4 years post qualification experience in small business empowerment especially the less privileged, advocacy for women empowerment and implementation of due process in organizations. She has high analytical and organizing ability; good oral communication ability, team player, pays attention to detail, excellent logical reasoning, high persuasiveness, sound judgment and good writing ability. She also is blessed with efficient collaboration skills, high emotional intelligence, good financial literacy, high prowess for project management, enviable technological affinity and invaluable time management competence.