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Special Viral Pathogens Journal page [SVPJ]



Babatope IO, Inyang NJ, Imhanrenezor K, Aghahowa A. Seroprevalence of Hepatitis (B and C) viruses among apparently healthy Adults in Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria. Special Viral Pathogens Journal (SVPJ) 2015; Vol 1, No 1: p 00015-00020

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Dabo IG, Muhindo J, Alkali B, Adamu BI, Uwase J.  Acceptance of Human Papilloma viruses screening by Fort-Portal market-women at risk of cervical carcinoma in Kabarole district, Uganda. Special Viral Pathogens Journal (SVPJ) 2015; Vol 1, No 1: p 0007-00014

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 Kasule A.    Low immunization coverage and infant Viral/Bacterial disease prevention in Nyakivare and Rukinga Internally Displaced People (IDP) camp, Uganda. Special Viral Pathogens Journal (SVPJ) 2015; Vol 1, No 1: p 0001-0006                                   

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Special viral pathogens Journal SVPJ will accept for consideration previously unpublished and original articles about diagnosis, prevention, management and control of diseases associated with the following microorganisms hereafter called special pathogens which includes but not limited to: All Arbo-virusis, Hemorrhagic-fever-viruses, Rabies-viruses and West-Nile- viruses; and all Non-HIV viruses involved in human, animal and plant diseases not easily detected or commonly misdiagnosed during routine investigation. They are special because they are neglected, emerging, re-emerging, non-responsive or refractile to conventional treatment, prevention and control; endemic to particular population, location. If authors can prove that a normal floral has played a special role in causing a disease process, then such paper may be considered for publication in Special Viral Pathogens Journal (SVPJ).