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Kasule A and Agwu E.

Review of health workers attrition and microbial disease endemicity in Bushenyi, Ntungamo and Rukungiri Districts of South Western Uganda. Special Pathogens Review Journal, (SPRJ); Vol 1 No 1, Pg: 0001-00011.                [ Full paper ]          [PDF]



Special pathogens Reviews Journal SPRJ will accept for consideration previously unpublished and original articles about diagnosis, prevention, management and control of diseases associated with the following microorganisms hereafter called special pathogens which includes but not limited to Arbo-virusis, Hemorrhagic-fever-virusis, Rabies-virusis and West-Nile- viruses; Legionella, Rickettsia, Acinetobacter, Chlamydia, Vibrio, Non-tuberculosis Mycobacteria and Non-Typhoidal Salmonella; Soil transmitted Helminthes, Schistosomes, Trypanosomes and other agents of neglected tropical diseases and opportunistic infections due to Candida species, Cryptococcus species, Histoplasma species and Aspergilus species. and all Microorganisms involved in human, animal and plant diseases not easily detected or commonly misdiagnosed during routine investigation. They are special because they are neglected, emerging, re-emerging, non-responsive or refractile to conventional treatment, prevention and control; endemic to particular population, location. If authors can prove that a normal floral has played a special role in causing a disease process, then such paper may be considered for publication in Special Pathogens Review Journal (SPRJ).