Special Pathogens Research Network Limited, Uganda

 Research page


Our research is based on our interest in the areas listed below


1.   Epidemiology of Special Pathogens and associated infections

 2.   Prevention and reduction of avoidable death and poverty due to Special Pathogens and Associated infections

3.   Reduction of haemolytic anaemia incidences in the general population with emphasis on children,

 4.   Vaccine development and clinical trial

 5.   Capacity building in disease diagnosis

 6.   Improving the economy life expectancy through better disease diagnosis

 7.   The impact of opportunistic tuberculosis, anaemia, malaria, typhoid and candidiasis in HIV/AIDS disease and Diabetes

 8.   Monitoring, evaluating and assessing the impact of irregular regional mass drug administration, integrated control and development of new control tools to highlight the synergistic effects of anaemia and infection.


9.  Polymicrobial etiology of tropical infections

10. Rduce failures in disease interventions and management failures by focusing on:

11. High multidrug resistant microorganisms  Changed conditions of pharmacokinetics and

12. Pharmacodynamics parameters of antibiotics


13. We are working to understand if treatment failure is due to:

 a.  Client characteristics such as patient-treatment matching, motivation level, coexistent psychiatric and

 medical conditions, and psychosocial stressors;

b. treatment-related factors such as therapy duration, frequency, and difficulty of homework assignments

 or practice exercises;

c.  Treatment delivery factors including therapeutic alliance, selection of optimal and keystone target

 behaviours, and the sequencing of intervention components;

d. Effectiveness issues including barriers related to disseminating empirically supported treatments into

 real-world settings or

e.  Others factors such as non-response and deterioration.