Special Pathogens Research Network [Spparenet] Ltd
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 Research Institutions

Our affiliations are with Research Institutions which do business with us or who helps us in one way or the other to ensure our objectives are achieved. This may include individual as well which has identified with our mission and vision. These lists of individuals affiliated to us are many and may be difficult to list. Listed organizations include

1.National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and development Abuja, Nigeria

2. National Institute of Health, USA

3, Kenya Medical Research Institute, Kenya

4. Uganda Viral Research Institute, Entebbe Uganda

5, Nigeria Institute of Medical Research NIMA, Nigeria

6. Tropical Disease Research TDR

7 Center for Disease Control and prevention CDCP

8. United Nation Global Compact

9. Canadian International Development Agency CIDA


11, DAAD


13, JICA

14. SIDA

15. WHO