Special Pathogens Research Network Limited, Uganda

 Research implementation

Research implementation deals with the art of making sure our objectives as defined by Spparenet documents on policies guiding the establishment of the network. It is diferent from Grant implementation since those working under grant implementation are guided by the terms of the donors while those under this section are mandated to follow the terms of Spparenet Ltd


Our work plan! The challenges are enormous and the resources are highly limited. We therefore intend to use our first five years of existence [2011-2015] to establish a sustainable system and  structure to support the system aimed at waging a result oriented war against the identified special pathogens and associated disease in resource. Thus, by 2015, we should have:


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Research plan ranked

1. Ranked our research priorities by using existing data to regionally map resource-poor countries [e.g. Uganda]

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Magnitude defined

2. Quantified the magnitude of the problem by conducting need assessment surveys

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Raise the capacity to pursure our plan

3. raised a sustainable team to support the outlined framework by building local capacities

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Collaboration established

4. identified and collaborated with allied organizations who will join forces to strengthen our efforts in this war against special pathogens related diseases;

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Surveillance center established

5. established highly equipped reference sentinel centers with a clearly defined head and coordinating office

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Baseline data generated

6. clearly understood the prevailing situation by conducting high profile base-line surveys

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Journal published

7. Publish the journal of Special Pathogens

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Future plan developed

7. established a detailed work-plan for the years 2016-2020