Special Pathogens Research Network Limited, Uganda
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Our Phylosophy

Winning over illness and full health recovery is the desire of each patient, the aim of every physician and the drive for all researchers. At spparenet limited, we are a zealous team of professionals dedicated to the fight against preventable death and poverty using innovative result oriented approaches in resource limited settings

The will to care for patients and our approach of equality in the way we work is the foundation upon which our Network is built and the driving force behind our mission to reduce preventable death and poverty to the barest minimum.

The objectives and processes necessary for achieving results that meet with client requirements and our Network philosophy are established across all levels of our network. Our existence depends on our believe in the following principles

1.Seizesure, exploitation of opportunities, seeking out and facing up to problems, never to shrink from difficult personnel decisions, but focuses on increasing the Network’s share of market at a not for profit principle.

2.Maintenance of high ethical standards in external and internal relationships is essential to maximum success.

3.Decisions should be based on facts, objectively considered

4.The business should be kept in adjustment with the forces at work in its environment.

5.People should be judged on the basis of their performance, not on personality, education, or personal traits and skills.

6.The business should be administered with a sense of competitive urgency.

7.Providing superior products and outstanding service to our customers.

8.Investment in research and development to maintain/improve our position.

9.Insisting on honesty and integrity with clients and with one another.

10.Treating each employee with dignity and a sense of worth and supporting open communication with one another.

11.Developing and promoting personnel on the basis of individual performance.

12.Rewarding employees’ efforts through a merit-oriented compensation program.

13.Maintaining the health and safety of our employees, customers and neighbours,