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MIRU-VNTR genotyping training workshop 2016

We are glad to announce that the MIRU-VNTR-genotyping training workshop will take place at the division of molecular biology, Department of Microbiology, College of Health Sciences, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda. The dates for the workshop is from June 22 to June 27, 2015. Please contact Dr Agwu Ezera, at drezera@spparenet.us or call +256782101486 and +25670312967 for details of early-bird registration.

Special pathogens Journals invitation to publish
You are invited to publish your recent research papers with us at an
y or all of the following five Special Pathogens Journals

1. The Special Parasites Pathogens Journal
2. The Special Parasites Pathogens Journal http://www.spparenet.us/SFPJ.html
3. The Special Parasites Pathogens Journal http://www.spparenet.us/SBPJ.html
4. The Special Parasites Pathogens Journal http://www.spparenet.us/SVPJ.html
5. The Special Parasites Pathogens Journal http://www.spparenet.us/SPRJ.html .

Our official dates of going to the press are June 25, and December 20, of every year with little adjustment to accommodate special request for expedited publication when necessary. The maiden edition of our journals may be published by June 25, 2015 and the good news is that accepted papers for the maiden edition are published absolutely free of charge

Your article will also be read by our audience which includes but not limited to healthcare providers, researchers, academics, industrialists, policy makers/planers, students, donors and many more globally with emphasis to developing nations of the tropical zones. We would also appreciate if you would send this to those you know may be interested

Our news will be displayed according to our plan. We intend to release our news based on our structured plan as shown belowwww


image 1 

Research plan ranking

1. Ranking of our research priorities by using existing data to regionally map resource-poor countries [e.g. Uganda]

image 2 

Magnitude of our problem

2. Quantifiication of the magnitude of our problem by conducting need assessment surveys

image 3 

Raise the capacity to pursure our plan

3. Raise a sustainable team to support the outlined framework by building local capacities

image 4 

The start of Collaborations

4. identifiication and collaboration with allied organizations who will join forces to strengthen our efforts in this war against special pathogens related diseases;

image 5 

Surveillance center establishment

5. Establishment of highly equipped reference sentinel centers with a clearly defined head and coordinating office

image 6 

Baseline data generated

6. clear understanding of the prevailing situation by conducting high profile base-line surveys

image 7 

Journal published

7. Publish the journal of Special Pathogens

image 8 

Future plan

7. establish a detailed work-plan for the years 2016-2020