Special Pathogens Journal page [SPJ], Uganda

Special Pathogens Journal page [SPJ]


Special Pathogens Journals (SPJs) are the official journal of Special Pathogens Research Network (Sppare-net) Limited which was designed to be the main forum for dissemination of information and results of numerous investigations/researches generated by the network on special pathogens and associated diseases. Official approval to start the journal was granted by the Supreme Research Council [SRC] of Spparenet Limited after the Annual General Meeting [AGM] of Spparenet Limited in October 15, 2012 at the Bushenyi Office, Uganda.  


Name of Journal:   Special Pathogens Journals (SPJs)

There are five main journals which makes up the Special Pathogens Journals. They include:

1. Special Bacterial Pathogens Journals  [SBPJ]

2. Special Fungal Pathogens Journal  [SFPJ]

3. Special Viral Pathogens Journal  [SVPJ]

4. Special Parasites Pathogens journal

5 Special Pathogens Review Journal [SPRJ]

Publisher:           The Special Pathogens Research Network Limited  

Editor-in-chief:      Agwu Ezera, Ph.D, Spparenet Ltd/Kampala International University, Uganda

Central Editorial Advisory Board:

1. Pazos V. - Ph.D, Havana University, [Cuba]
2. Derek J. Sullivan, - Ph.D, University of Dublin, [Ireland]
3. Titanwa Freddy, Ph.D, National Institute of Health, [USA]
4. Ihongbe JC, Ph.D, Babcock University, [Nigeria]
5. Esumeh FI, Ph.D, Ambrose Alli University, [Nigeria]
6. Tatfeng YM. Ph.D. Niger Delta University, [Nigeria]
7. Njunda LA, Ph.D, University of Buea, [Cameroon]
8. Nakavuma LJ, Ph.D, Makerere University, [Uganda]
9. Maina MNE, Ph.D, University of Nairobi, [Kenya]
10. Giavano Raso, Ph.D, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, [Switzerland] 

Extended Editorial Advisory Board:

1. David Coleman, Ph.D, University of Dublin, [Ireland]
2. Guech Mercy, Ph.D, National Institute of Health, [USA]
3. Inyang NJ, Ph.D, Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, [Nigeria]
4. Nwokocha CR, Ph.D. University of West Indes, Mona Campus, [Jamaica]

5. Omeh Ngwoke, Ph.D, University of Port Harcourt [Nigeria]

6. Bazira J. Ph.D, Mbarara University, [Nigeria]

7. Nigel A. Ph.D, UNISA [South Africa]

8. Byarugaba W, D.Sc. [KIU]

9. Ssegendo J. Ph.D, [KIU]

10. Adiukwu P, Ph.D, Mt Kenya University, Kenya.




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