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There shall be four types of membership of SPPARE-NET. All members of SPPARE-NET shall have access to all communications and SPPARE-NET publications. There will be no maximum number of members. Membership is absolutely free and will take effect when an interested party signs the membership roster. However all members shall be invited to donate voluntarily from time to time towards specified activities deemed necessary to assist SPPARE-NET in achieving its objectives.

  1. Full/Active membership of [SPPARE-NET] will be Scientific Researchers, of any profession and from around the world affiliated to institutions of higher learning (Universities, Polytechniques, Research Institutions and allied organizations), who are willing to join forces with SPPARE-NET to realize its aims and objectives. 
  2. Ordinary membership of SPARE-NET will be granted to experienced medical and Para-medical professionals, who have made significant contributions to knowledge in areas related to the objectives of SPPARE-NET 
  3. Associate membership are offered to interested Cooperate establishments (Bodies) involved in aspects of activities –research, production, marketing, sales, training and other allied activities related to the aims and objectives of SPPARE-NET
  4. Honorary membership. Any member of the Societies, seconded by two other members of SPPARE-NET may nominate a person or persons for appointment as honorary members on the grounds of significant national or international contribution to knowledge related to the objectives of SPPARE-NET. Honorary membership is retained for life and whilst honorary members will not be eligible for office, they may assist in policy development. They shall not be required to pay any membership fees but may be encouraged to donate towards strategies linked to the achievement of SPARE-NET objectives.

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