Special Pathogens Research Network Limited, Uganda

 Grant implementation

Welcome to our grant Implementation unit. A team of dedicated Special Pathogens Staff are working very hard to see that all grants are implemented with utmost honesty and in line with stipulated guidelines by the donors. They link our network with various donors’ by ensuring that donor’s needs are met.

We know how difficult it is to make a decision to donate something to networks like ours. This implementation committee ensures donors satisfaction.

We do not have any support yet from external donors to help actualize our objectives. Team members are thereforeare engaged in activities allocated to grant acquisition

Their terms of reference include but not limited to

1.   Development of work plan

2.   Securing ethical approval for the research

3.   Purchase of all reagents, and equipment for the work

4.   Hiring research assistants

5.   Development and signing of Memoranda of understanding (MOU) with collaborating centers

6.   Monitoring and evaluation of activities to ensure targets are met.

7.   Impact assessment to measure the advantage of intervention

8.   Piloting of Developed training guide before use in research

9.   Report of research progress

10.  Development of database for future reference