Special Pathogens Research Network Limited, Uganda


Please donate towards the use of glasswares in our Network. The quality of glass wares and other consumables contibute to the quality of work we offer to the public. We can count on your donation to reach out to the countless millions who get sick and die undiagnosed and untreated in many hard to reach communities in resource limited settings.

To donate please send a mail to admin@spparenet.us or info@spparenet.us and copy drezera@spparenet.us . We will advise you on how your financial and/material donations can contribute to the success of our mission. Please call: 256782101486 or +256703129679 and we will respond at once.


Our ultimate goal can be summarized


image 1 

Research plan

1. Our research priorities ranked using existing data to regionally map resource-poor countries [e.g. Uganda]

image 2 

Problem Magnitude defined

2. Need assessment to Quantify the magnitude of the problem

image 3 

Capacity Building

3. Trained a sustainable local capacity to support the outlined framework

image 4 

Collaboration established

4. identified and collaborated with allied organizations who will join forces to strengthen our efforts in this war against special pathogens related diseases;

image 5 

Surveillance centers

5. Established highly equipped reference sentinel centers with a clearly defined head and coordinating office

image 6 

Baseline data

6. clearly understood the prevailing situation by conducting high profile base-line surveys

image 7 

Our Journal

7. Publish the journal of Special Pathogens

image 8 

Future plan

7. established a detailed work-plan for the years 2016-2020