Special Pathogens Research Network Limited, Uganda


Our gallery contains pictures of events and activities that marks what we do 

Ultimate Goal of our network

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Research plan

1. Our research priorities ranked using existing data to regionally map resource-poor countries [ Uganda]

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Problem Magnitude defined

2. Need assessment to Quantify the magnitude of the problem

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Capacity Building

3. Trained a sustainable local capacity to support the outlined framework

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Collaboration established

4. identified and collaborated with allied organizations who will join forces to strengthen our efforts in this war against special pathogens related diseases;

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Surveillance centers

5. Established highly equipped reference sentinel centers with a clearly defined head and coordinating office

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Baseline data

6. clearly understood the prevailing situation by conducting high profile base-line surveys

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Our Journal

7. Publish the journal of Special Pathogens

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Future plan

7. established a detailed work-plan for the years 2016-2020