Special Pathogens Research Network Limited Uganda
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Financial donation to spparenet Limited



All financial donation are made with the understanding that it would be used the best way possible to ensure the achievement of Spparenet objectives.

 Our network depends on this unit and on your donations to reach out to countless numbers tormented by diseases associated with special pathogens.  All funds meant for SPPARE-NET Limited shall be based on donation from well-meaning and interested persons and established organizations. The donation shall be made based on the fact that: :
1. Donors identified with the objectives of SPPARE-NET Limited
2. The money donated shall be used to enhance the chances of realizing the aims and objectives of SPPARE-NET Limited.
3. Any money acquired, including donations, contributions and bequests, shall be paid into SPPARE-NET account with United Bank for Africa in Uganda, East Africa (see details below)
4. All funds must be applied to the objectives of SPPARE-NET alone.
5. All financial transactions shall be accounted for at the AGM
The SPPARE-NET’s accounting year shall run from 01 January to 31 December. All donations would be acknowledged through an email and later confirmed on receipt of the donation. To say thank you for your donation, your name will be published in the thank you list below for a minimum period of one month. A link will also be created to lead customers to your site if your URL is provided. To achieve this, we recommend all financial donations to SPPARE-NET Limited to be by bank telegraphic transfer to the account details below. Since this method of transfer may take up to 5 working days for donations to be received in our Bank account, we recommend scanned copies of the forms used in all financial transfers/transactions  to be scanned and sent to us by e-mail attachment, for  official acknowledgement of donations and appreciation of donors, long before confirmation of receipt.

Bank name:.............United Bank for Africa in Uganda, East Africa; 
Beneficiary:.............Special Pathogens Research Network
Account Number:....0805000021; 
Branch number.......5108
Branch Name..........Mbarara; South West Uganda
Swift Code:.............UNAF-UG-KA-XXX  

Donations may include but not limited to: Money and/or equipments for use in SPPARE-NET limited activities including research, training, monitoring/evaluation of ongoing projects, validation studies of local drugs, intervention studies, clinical trials, prevention and control of diseases among others and also for other projects within SPPARENET's objectives! For more information please contact us through admin@spparenet.us