Special Pathogens Research Network Limited, Uganda


At present we have very limited resources compared to our huge and broad-based objectives. We have many challenges driven by poor resources and we absolutely need help from concerned donors to get us going forward. We have secured some piece of land in Ishaka Bushenyi, in Uganda and Ikorodu in Lagos Nigeria with the private fund made available by members of the Supreme Research Council of the network with the hope of refunding the money as soon as we get the donation from concerned donors. We have been operating at collaborating centers and as a result we are hampered by bureaucracy and sometimes rejection or delay in making decisions regarding our request for capacity building using their venues. When they eventually approve our request to use their venues, the cost attached will be highly prohibitive and against our core principles of not for profit research network registered by guarantee and not having a share capital. Again each time we advertise, our programs, many people express interest hoping for minimum or no cost only to discover they cannot attend due to cost. Finally only 10% of those who expressed interest in our programs finally attend.

We therefore honestly and urgently need assistance to get our own facilities for the sustainability of our programs.

To donate send a mail to: admin@spparenet.us , info@spparenet.us and copy drezera@spparenet.us . Please call: +256782101486 and +256703129679

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