Special Pathogens & Associated Disease Scientific (SPADS) Conference

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Frequently asked questions on Goal




What is the goal of Special Pathogens Research Network Limited?


To reduce preventable death and poverty to barest minimum


How is it different from similar agencies which existed before Spparenet started


Our approach is new, the gap we want to fill is clearly defined and we are legal entity duly registered with Uganda Government

1. Improved Grassroots Advocacy on health principles, prevention and control of tropical diseases

2. Improved Capacity building on diagnostic principles nearer to point of care 

3. Set standards for detection of often misdiagnosed, over diagnosed, underdiagnosed or missed diagnostic principles

4. Use of train the trainers approach to establish community based sentinel surveillance network to track common infections in the community.  

5. Improved real-time community outreach monitoring and evaluation of disease progress and community involvement in overall disease management plan.