SPecial Pathogens Research NetworkLimited, Uganda
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FAQ Interest

What is new about Spparenet Ltd Interest?


1. Grassroots Advocacy on health principles, prevention and control

2. Capacity building on diagnostic principles nearer to point of care 

3. Setting standards for detection of often misdiagnosed, over diagnosed, underdiagnosed or missed diagnostic principles

4. Use of train the trainers approach to establish community based sentinel surveillance network to track common infections in the community.  

5. Real-time community outreach monitoring and evaluation of disease progress and community involvement in overall disease management plan.


Question: What are the main interest of Spparenet Ltd?

Answer: Our Interest include but not limited to:


1. Disease diagnosis prevention and control


2. Outline opportunistic infections of HIV/AIDS


3. Build the capacity of local scientist to raise the critical mass needed to keep the surveillance active


4. Health education and promotion


5. Validate the use of alternative herbal remedies in the prevention and control of diseases associated with special pathogens


7.. Describe the Epidemiology of Special Pathogens and associated infections


8. Develope vaccine and try it clinically before its use to control special pathogens related disease


9. An do any other activities that will help us achieve our objective