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Disease outbreak


We are concerned with identifying the outbreak and to determine if they fit into our interest. Our network are able to diagnose disease outbreaks related to special pathogens, whatever their source and whatever their causative agent may be. We are    able to put together the correct combat medical team equipped with the right up to date resources to respond to disease outbreak in the tropics whatsoever their local may be in Africa and then in other developing world.

Our overriding goal and principle remain to war against preventable disease and poverty across boarders using a strengthened system capable of meeting the challenge of the time.  We are known by our strength and the force with which we respond to disease outbreaks especial if it is within our interest and domain. Our response to disease outbreak is automatic but is guided by our scarce resources. We may be involved with emergency responses, investigation of infectious and environmental disease outbreaks, and quantification of disease impact are examples of these responses.

The steps we follow in our response to disease outbreak may include but not limited to

1.      Establishment of the existence of disease outbreak (gap analysis)

2.      Confirmation of our previous diagnosis (baseline assessment)

3.      Case definition establishment in line with relevant standards

4.      Relation of the outbreak to time place and person

5.      Determination of who is at risk of becoming ill

6.      Formulation of a hypothesis that will guide the design of new research activities

7.      Compare the hypothesis with the established facts

8.      Then plan a detailed epidemiological or molecular investigation

9.      Prepare a written report

10.  Implementation