Special Pathogens Research Network [Spparenet] Ltd
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 Our Disease intervention model

In this section, we display information on our role in disease intervention together with other big partners also working to implement what other researchers had published. Our main interest is on special pathogens and related disease. We employ our strategy to reduce the extent in which tropical disease outbreaks will devastate developing countries with poor resources.

Our strategy includes but not limited to

  1. Early detection of disease and disease agents before the disease becomes overt

  2. Prompt management to prevent further spread

  3. Head education and promotion to prevent a repeat of the outbreak

  4. Vaccine development and clinical trial to protect against future outbreak

  5. Research into diagnostics to improve the capacity to detect agents with minimal resource

  6. Actively looking for donors to support our effort in this regard

  7. Establishing a broad-based collaboration to ensure our networks reaches the grassroots to maximum impact

  8. Organizing meetings and workshops where information generated would be shared for better tomorrow

  9. Publication of our Special pathogens journals to reach wider audience

  10. Monitoring and evaluation of interventions for a best result

  11. Prediction of possible future direction