Special Pathogens Research Network [Spparenet] Ltd
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 Disease diagnosis

We use cutting edge DNA technology in the diagnosis of tropical infections as it relates to Special Pathogens and related disease conditions

We are using cutting edge DNA technology in the diagnosis of tropical disease in this setting with limited facility. The team detects and characterizes microbial agents of diseases related to special pathogens, disease intervention, management, prevention and control. The overall idea is to devise means of detecting indicators of sickness long before the disease becomes overt.  Summary of what we are doing include but not limited to

  1. Laboratory investigation

  2. Disease staging for easy identification

  3. Susceptibility testing

  4. Tracking of epidemic

  5. Participation in intervention

  6. Community directed impact assessment

  7. Need assessment to determine direction ofinterventions

  8. Clinical trials of drugs, vaccines, new antibiotics and others

  9. Validation of new herbal alternatives

  10. Baseline surveys

  11. Sentinel surveillance

  12. Appropriate minitoring and evaluation of interventions

  13. Disease types may include:

    1. Febrile illness

    2. STD

    3. HIV/AIDS

    4. Pneumonia

    5. Oral disease

    6. Diarrhoea

    7. Dysentery

    8. Enteritis

    9. GIT diseases

    10. Systemic diseases

    11. Meningitis

    12. Nosocomial  infections