Special Pathogens Research Network Limited, Uganda

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Director Spparenet Nigeria,


Inyang N.J. Ph.D


Dr Inyang N.J, is a Microbiologist who is presently an Assistant Director of Medical Laboratory Services at the Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, in Esan Central LGA, Edo State, Nigeria. He is also the Honorary Lecturer of Microbiology at the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria. His research interest is to make disease diagnosis easy and accessible to researchers in developing resource limited settings. He has used local resources to compound media which made routine identification of tropical infections with bacterial and fungal etiology easier. He also outlined the genetic diversity of yeast recovered from symptomatic and asymptomatic women attending clinics in Esan Cental LGA, Edo State, Nigeria.

His skill in information disseminating with minimum resources gained him an appointment as one of the National Consultants in the detection and prevention of Mycobacteria in Nigeria. He assists the Nigerian Government through the ministry of Health to build capacity in Mycobacteria detection, management and prevention at primary, secondary and tertiary health institutions.

He signed up for Special Pathogens Research Network Limited because of the definition we gave to Special Pathogens as pathogens causing preventable death and poverty and yet, they are not routinely detected and classified as public health challenge. His mission is therefore to find alternatives to imported materials used in the diagnosis of Special Pathogens. He directs the Nigerian Branch of the Network whose Head office is tentatively in Bushenyi, Uganda at plot 15 Church Avenue, Byegiragye, KM 60, Mbarara Fort portal Road, Ishaka Bushenyi Municipal council, Bushenyi, District of Uganda.