Special Pathogens Research Network [Spparenet] Ltd
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Our affiliations are public and private organizations which does buziness with us or who helps us in ome way or the other to ensure our objectives are achieved. This may include individials as well which has identified with our mission and vission. This list of individuals affilaited to us are many and my be difficult to list. Listed organizations include

1. Welcome trust, UK

2. DNA learning center, Cold spring Habor Laboratory, USA

3. Inqaba Biotech, Nairobi, Kenya

4. World Health Organization WHO, Geneva Switzaland

5. Tropical Disease Research TDR, WHO,

6. KEMRI, Kenya

7. Irrua Specialist Hospital, Irrua Nigeria

8. National Institute of Health, USA

9. Promega Limited

10. Find Diagnostic Limited

11. Biosurplus Limited, Carlifonia, USA

12. Rankin Biomedical Company, Michigan, USA

13. Applied Biosystem Limited

14. New England Biolab, MA,USA

15. TASO Uganda