Special Pathogens Research Network [Spparenet] Ltd
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The following are areas which we are facing great challenges and we are workinh gard to improve on them.


    • Practical training and capacity building for more skills acquisition. We intend to link up with more experts who will assist in making our training more result oriented
    • Delivery of theoretical lectures in seminars and workshops for more impact. We intend to use our alumni to expand our base. Theoritical lectures will help our participants appreciate the bases of our lectures
    • Development of new programs and research priorities. We intend to respond to soceital needs  by designing our priorities inline with the emerging or re-emerging needs

Short / refresher courses in diagnostics  sciences


    • Collaboration and networking with other agencies and institutions
    • Write research programs to get grants
    • Participation in the workshops organized by other institutions for more skills in doing our business
    • Consolidation of our monitoring and evaluation efforts to ensure our activities are inline expected standard practices and directed towards achieving our strategic objectives



    • Improve or start Medical Diagnostic services using our strategic sentinel sites untill when we are able to get our own facilities from where we shall cordinate our acticities
    • Have functional laboratories especially where participants of our capacity building may wish to serve
    • Pull resources to start our own laboratories

Human Resource Development and Management

    • Improve the scientific environment in the locality Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Cameroon, other Africa, countries and the world at large
    • Graduate training for staff. We hope to improve the capacity our our staff to deliver on the expected standard practices to be more attractive in training staff from other agencies and institutions
    • Team work. We intend to improve on our staff team work for more result oriented programs 
    • Regular meetings and communication. This is for sustainable development of our business approaches with the ultimate goal of improving the life and wellness of the society
    • Remove artificial barriers between the units involved in managing our activities and between our network and others involved in similar efforts.


    • Improve the variety of diagnostic services to the clients in selected health facilities where we provide our outreach activities
    • Establish field laboratories in districts to enhance surveillance of infectious (human) diseases
    • Provision of user-friendly point ofcare diagnostic services in line with our stated objective


Resource and Infrastructure Management (Labs and Finance)

    • Establish Modern laboratory facilities to provide molecular, research and  referral services 
    • Work towards accreditation of  the laboratories in order to provide external quality assurance services to clinical diagnostic laboratories in the country and region

Income generation

-          Potential areas to develop

·         New paid in-service courses

·         Outreach to schools- provision of Biological specimens etc, 

·         Fumigation/vector control services

·         Production of biologicals (vaccines, antigens, sera, antisera, etc)