Special Pathogens Research Network [Spparenet] Ltd
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Capacity building services page

Building local capacity for improved molecular diagnostic research and empowering local health care providers in diagnosis, prevention and control of tropical infections associated with a group of microorganisms called special pathogens because they are either neglected, misdiagnosed or undiagnosed [www.spparenet.us] is one way to reduce mortality rate and invariably impact on the economy. Therefore we propose to  train 500 health workers and researchers in special pathogen associated disease diagnosis, using molecular biology, Bioinformations, Microscopy, Quality assurance and overall disease diagnosis, management and care, over a period of 5years.

Our terms of reference may include but not limited to:

1. Identification of Microbial agents of disease using PCR technologies

2. Result Oriented data generation, analysis, and others in a data management workshop

3. Resolution of complex disease outbreak involving polymicrobial agents using Multilocus sequence typing techniques, [MLST] Micro-satelight gene analysis etc

4.Characterization of MTB and other Mycobacteria using RFLP and  MIRU-VNTR-MTB

5. Analysis of drug efficacy and target using proteomics and other technologies

6. Prevent disease out break using Vaccine discovery and health promotion

7. Predict and prepare for disease out break using different modern technologies

8. Organize meetings and conferences as a forum for data sharing

9.  Dignostic tool development to make up for imported alernatives

10. Response to disease out break using indebt laboratory investigations