Special Pathogens Research Network Ltd, Uganda

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Our achievements can be summarized in the following list below which took place since the Network started in October 1, 2011

1.Built a network of over 2000 active research fellows and members currently engaged in our activities. They come from all aspects of the healthcare profesion and are involved in healthcare delivery at different levels of health services delivery in different regions of the world

2.Organized seven training workshops within three years of existence in different locations (urban and ryral) of Uganda. The locations were selected to suit the participants need while still fulfiling their reoutine responsibilities.

3. Established a massive collaboration with over 100 private and public establishment all around the world who has accepted to join forces with Spparenet limited to achieve its objectives. The most important includes the regionalacademic and research power house call Makerere University Kampala and Kampala International University.

4.Trained over 30 healthcare workers out of over 500 personels who indicated interest in our advertised programs but were unable to attend for lack of basic funds. They were trained in tropical disease diagnosis, prevention and control. Interested participants who could not attend were from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia.

5.Attracted the support of international and local organizations in the supply of reagents for our training. The Dolan learning center , Cold spring Harbor, NY, USA, supplies us with reagents. Makerere University colleges of Health Sciences and Colleges of Veterinary Medicine have all constantly provided the enabling environment for our training and capacity building efforts

6.Impacted on the economy of Uganda, Tanzania, Southern Sudan and Nigeria by strengthening the capacity of the workforce to detect Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV using limited resources.The calibres of staff trained included but not limited to Laboratory managers, undergraduate students, Postgraduate students, and other healthcare providers

7.Successfully gave our network a name and a place in the diagnostic industry as one of the major players in the healthcare team. Special Pathogens Research Network Limited is now a reference point for capacity building as people and organizations are going to our site and calling our headoffice in Bushenyi, Uganda, to know the next line of activities so as to be part.

8.Became employer of labours in local Uganda community. We are hoping to expand our staff strenght to accomodate the services needed to meet the demands of our journal launched recently

9.Strengthened the resolve of workshop participants to pursue a career in diagnostic research on health related disciple. Most graduates from our workshop have gained admission to upgrade their status and others got new jobs as a result of the exposure and the hands on we imparted during our acticities

10.Reduced poverty and death by health education/promotion of the impact of special pathogens on the overall health of the ordinary citizens. Laboratory Staff in Bushenyi have already formed Association to consolidate their skills obtained after our training. They are now encouraging others to join the laboratory union by attending our training workshops organized annually.

11. Started the five journals of special pathogens with the ultimate goal of helping the public to understand the trend in disease spread and results of original research efforts related to special pathogens in developing resource limited settings.

12, Submitted many proposals for sponsorship by donors.

13.Submited some articles for publication using special pathogens plartform.