Special Pathogens Research Network Limited, Uganda
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Spparenet Accountant,

 Mr Awa D.A. BSc, MBA, ACA


Mr Awa D.A. BSc, MBA, ACA is the Accountant of Special Pathogens Research Network Limited. He is career Banker, a chartered Accountant, a financial management consultant with a strong mathematical background. He brings to Spparenet Limited over 30 years’ experience in financial advisory services and high capacity to coordinate the outdoor efforts of organizational teams with the indoor services of the operations staff to achieve set targets of any result oriented organization. This background is very important in view of the fact that Africa is the ultimate catchment area of Spparenet Limited and a good financial advisory consultant is needed to establish the financial system of a typical not-for-profit organization with a continental catchment area. His expertise in financial crises management is particularly relevant so that Spparenet Limited would do everything possible to avoid financial crises as it relates to project management, a fundamental factor Spparenet Limited believes would be of interest to donors in view of the present high incidence of corruption and poor accountability which has previously discouraged donors from supporting projects in Africa.

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